JoKoW-music is not just a mere music publisher but a creative music workshop, that makes your dreams come true. Every idea remains a vision if it is not translated into reality. We aim to turn your visions into reality. Our services range from compositions of complete songs, arrangements of original compositions and music recordings in our studios to music video recordings and web design. Mix and mastering are also available off site, if required.

Location: We are located in a beautiful corner of the Saarland, between Völklingen and Saarlouis, in Wadgassen (Bierenfeld) with forest and numerous hiking trails close-by.

Acoustics: Our studios were mainly constructed with natural materials and were thoroughly designed before the actual construction planning started. The sound insulation between the studio rooms as well as from the outside is excellent.

Studio equipment: The production suite (small control room) is equipped with the monitoring systems GENELEC 1030 Aktiv and ADAM ANF-10 Studio Passive. The high-grade metering by Penguin, PG-AM 4.5 consisting of graphic-analyser, spectrometre, goniometre, peakmetre und correlation indicator allows optic control of the audio signals.
Available as recording media are PC based HD recording systems, CUBASE with numerous plugins by UNIVERSAL AUDIO und WAVES, as well as MAC based recording systems, PRO TOOLS MIX-SYSTEM by DIGIDESIGN, and a digital eight-track TASCAM DA 78 as multi-track machine. The WAVELAB software by STEINBERG, DAT 3800 by PANASONIC and the CDR 630-recorder by MARANTZ are used for mastering purposes.
APOGEE AD16X und RME ADI/S serve as converters.
The complete digital equipment is synchronised by the APOGEE Big Ben Studio Masterclock. As preamplifiers we use TUBE TECH MEC 1A, JEOMEEK VC 1, DRAWMER 1960, FOCUSRITE ISA 428 and OCTOPRE.
For sound recordings we rely on NEUMANN, AKG, RODE and SENNHEISER microphones. There is a number of ACOUSTIC, MIDI and VST instruments at your disposal.

We cooperate with excellent studio musicians from the Saarland and the surrounding area.